Riva2 670 – Flames so real it’s electrifying

The Gazco Riva2 670 Electric fire stands out for its enticing flame effect, realistic logs, vast installation options and chic finishes – it’s hard to believe it’s truly electric. The popular Riva2 670 is the ideal size for a new build or to fit into an existing chimney cavity that is not being used. For a streamlined aesthetic the Riva2 670 Electric can be slotted into a pre-constructed hole. Alternatively you can use the optional wall mounting box to hang your fire on the wall. There are several sophisticated frame options that complement the landscape shape of the Riva2 670 Electric as shown below: Verve XS Graphite.

Riva 2 670 Evoke Glass Electric

Evoke Glass

It has never been so easy to get the warm inviting atmosphere of a fire with all the convenience, versatility and efficiency of electricity with no chimney or flue needed. Using the latest Flame-Effect Technology, Gazco has created the Riva2 670 Electric Evoke Glass Fire complete with layers of reflective glass and steel combing to create a highly efficient electric fire. The high quality fascia surrounds the state-of-the-art electric fire which has a flame only setting with four brightness levels and is fully operated by a hand-held remote control unit. There is also a fan heater located above the flame effect that has 1kW and 2kW heat output settings. The Gazco Riva2 670 Evoke Glass electric fire can be inserted into a pre-constructed opening in the wall or alternatively you can use the wall mounting box to hang your fire on the wall.

Riva2 670 Electric Evoke Black Glass Graphite Back

Riva 2 670 Verve Electric


The Riva2 670 Electric Verve shares the same features as the Evoke but with a Verve frame. The Verve Graphite 3D frame offers a gentle curving form which is designed to create a maximum impact in your home. The highly realistic fuel bed is enhanced by Gazco’s flame effect, offering all the ambiance of a real log flame in the modern convenience of a highly efficiency electric fire, you also have the option to enjoy the effect of the fire without the heat at all.

Riva2 670 Verve XS

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