Gazco Studio Electric

The outstanding Studio Electric range is available in a choice of three portrait and landscape sizes. With a choice of contemporary styles and simple ‘hang on the wall’ installation, these advanced technology electric fires can add stylish warmth to almost any room in your home with the ultimate ease. All Studio electric fires benefit from remote operation and feature an additional thermostatic control.

Studio 1

The highly efficient Studio 1 is the most compact landscape model in the range, making it the perfect choice when you are looking for a dramatic focal point in a smaller interior. You can vary the heat output between 0.9kW or 1.8kW, and you even have the option to enjoy the effect of the fire without the heat at all.

Studio 2

For effortless style and maximum impact, opt for a Studio 2 Electric fire. The larger dimensions make an eye-catching focal point on larger walls and accentuate the highly realistic LED flame effect. With a variable heat output between 0.9kW or 1.8kW, and the option of running just the flame effect by itself, the Studio 2 offers complete versatility for your home.

Studio 22

The Studio 22 adds instant presence and vertical definition to any modern interior. With its unusual yet highly attractive portrait form, a Studio 22 Electric is perfect for the contemporary living room. On milder evenings, just sit back and enjoy the flickering flames without the heater or bring some cosy warmth to your room with a variable 0.45kW – 0.90kW heat output.

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