Fireside Accessories – Miscellaneous


Stanley Plate Rack & Splash Back

A stylish and practical way to keep plates and serving dishes warm.

Stanley Cookware

5-piece range of Stanley cast iron cookware specifi cally designed to optimise range cooking performance.

Morso Aluminimum Pizza Peel

Morsø’s pizza peel is the right pizza shovel, when you want to move the pizza into and out of the oven in a convincing manner. The Morsø pizza peel is tear-drop-shaped and is made of aluminium with an oak handle and is designed specially for the Morsø Outdoor Oven.

Morso Bamboo Pizza Peel

Pizza Peel is made from oiled bamboo from certified plantations. With its exclusive look, the Morsø Bamboo Pizza Peel is not only ideal as a cooking implement, it also works perfectly as a  serving board on the dining table. .

Morso Forno Outdoor Terra Table

Morsø Terra outdoor table for the outdoor kitchen and Forno. The Terra outdoor table is a square table which readily fits into both an existing outdoor kitchen and on large or small terraces and balconies. Weight 44kilos Dimension (w x h x d) 60cm x 81cm x 60cm.

Morso Outdoor Table

The Morsø Outdoor table, provides a comfortable working height when you work your magic with the ingredients and slide your creations in and out of the Oven. Made from a powder coated steel, its slim structure works beautifully with the rounded shapes of the outdoor stove. Dimensions (w x h x d) 120cm  x 78cm x 60cm.


Morso Forno Door

The Morsø Vetro is made of black ceramic glass – a hot plate suitable for all heat sources but also a beautiful and decorative serving plate for the dinner table – for both hot and cold meals. The Vetro can take temperatures up to 500°C and is the perfect baking plate for pizza on the Forno or Grill Forno, or in a convential oven.


Morso Tuscan Grill

The Morsø Tuscan Grill is an enamelled cast iron grill grate that has the advantage of innumerable small pores that absorb fat and flavours allowing your food to be cooked in its own juices, creating a perfect cooking effect. The enamelled surface of the Tuscan Grill ensures both a long lifetime and easy cleaning. Diameter 340mm


Morso Forno Cover

Even though the Italian inspired Forno Outdoor Oven is robust, stylish and spreads the generous all year round warmth and charm to its surroundings, the extra protection a cover can offer protects and keeps the Oven in excellent condition between uses.


Morso Axe

With a beautiful linseed-oiled handle made from USA Hickory wood which is hard and dense with exceptional flexing strength and a traditionally forged high grade carbon steel blade, the Morsø Axe comes with a genuine leather sheath and   sharpening stone.