Winter 2018 Fireplace Trends

As Australian design continues to be guided by sustainability, shrinking square footage and a small-is-beautiful ethos, large high-emission fireplaces are out and low-emission Freestanding Wood Fireplaces are in.

Carbon-neutral, versatile and stylish European designs have replaced the ‘old black box on a pedestal’. These new arrivals blend aesthetics with sustainability credentials. Specifying smaller, high-end designer fireplaces is a growing trend among architects. With a significant upswing in consumer interest, demand for Freestanding Wood Fireplaces is set to spike this Winter 2018.

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5 reasons why architects & homeowners love Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

  1. Statement, high quality, European-designed aesthetic: looks great even between uses
  2. Simple and quick to install
  3. Versatile: fits comfortably and safely in small spaces
  4. The pleasure of a real fire with carbon-neutral environmentally friendly credentials
  5. No wall cavity required

Seeking inspiration?

Explore the Freestanding Wood Fireplace trend with options for heating small to large spaces and homes.